Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club Inc.

About Us

In 2005 a group of rare breeds enthusiasts got together and with the assistance of the Southern Tasmanian Bantam Club the Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Group was formed. A year later the club set out on its own and the Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club came to be.

Today were are a group of enthusiasts who are committed to preserving and promoting Australia’s rare breeds and varieties. We do this by hosting our annual poultry weekend (a show, followed by poultry sale), attending as many other community events as feasible, and utilising our public exposure on social media and our website to teach people about these beautiful breeds. We will celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2016.

We are a constituent member club of the Tasmanian Poultry Fanciers Association and a registered incorporated association (Tasmanian community non-profit).


Our aims are defined as;

• To promote rare breeds of poultry to the general public and to encourage those that keep poultry to consider keeping pure bred rare breeds.

• To increase the number of rare breeds exhibited at poultry shows through the sponsorship of rare breed classes and provision of trophies and awards.

• To increase the number of junior fanciers exhibiting rare breeds at poultry shows through the sponsorship of junior trophies and awards for rare breeds.

• To increase interest in rare breeds and discussion among existing poultry breeders by distributing a regular newsletter to interested poultry clubs, members and other organisations.

• To make rare breeds easier to obtain by maintaining a registry of birds wanted and for sale through a designated exchange steward.

• To assist in maintaining the genetic diversity of domestic poultry for future generations

• To provide a pathway for new and existing rare breeds to be recognised in the Australian Poultry Standards.

Constitution; Code of Conduct; Rules

Our constitution is available for download here. On the 20th of November the club passed a code of  conduct, which is as follows:

Club Code of Conduct

This document shall detail the Code of Conduct required by Rule 30 of the Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club constitution, established to compliment and assist that document. All members upon signing as members of the Club shall agree to this code of conduct, per Rule 8, Section 1 of the same constitution and may be removed as members per the procedures outlined in the constitution for serious violation of this code.

1. All members shall abide by and uphold the Animal Welfare Act 1993 and any other act that may legally replace it. All members shall be expected to be held to the highest standards of poultry husbandry.

2. All members shall conduct themselves civilly with other members and attendees of any Club event.

3. Individuals may only act on behalf of the Club where they have been given the authority to do so by the management committee or greater membership of the Club in the manner(s) prescribed by the constitution.

4. All members shall strive to uphold club values and not work to the detriment of the club.

5. Members shall be required to be honest, ethical and civil in their breeding, raising and selling of poultry, and not perpetrate scams, knowingly and willingly misinform buyers about poultry they are selling, or otherwise act in a criminal or unethical way.

6. All members shall abide by rules and regulations required by any venue or host of the Club.

This code may be amended by the members of the club at a general meeting organised as per the constitutions guidelines. Sufficient effort must to be made to notify all members of any amendments made at that meeting, who shall have 30 days from the date of the meeting to submit a dispute. Upon receipt of a dispute any amendments made at that meeting shall then be suspended until the next regular general meeting of the club, where members may vote again to reinstate the amendments and the member in dispute may make their case. Any amendments passed twice in such a manner may not be disputed again unless it is because of their illegality under any relevant laws of Australia or Tasmania or the constitution or by-laws of the Club.