Tasmanian Rare Breeds Poultry Club Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I post fertile eggs?

Fertile eggs should be posted very carefully packaged. Our recommendation is to wrap each egg in tissue paper, place into a clean, undamaged egg carton and then fill empty space with tissue paper or bubble wrap. Wrap carton in bubble wrap, and put in a box (not a postal bag). Do not write fragile on the box as members have reported postal workers often purposefully break items marked fragile.

Can I sell eggs for eating?

You can provided you comply with regulations. As of February 2015, we received the below file from the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. We advise making your own opinion and if you need advise, contacting DPIPWE. In addition, councils have further regulations on the sale of food products, so speak to them in addition.

Information Sheet – PPS Eggs – Small producers V4

What does pullet and cockerel mean?

Pullet is the name for a female chicken under 12 months of age. A cockerel is the male equivalent. Females over 12 months are hens, and males roosters or cock birds.

Where can I buy birds?

Contact our web officer on club@tasrarepoultry.com and they’ll help connect you with breeders. Also check Backyardpoultry.com, Gumtree.com.au and Directory.TasPoultry.com.